When you bought your home, you might not have thought about the garage door style. That could be because it is a basic, white paneled, traditional garage door. But you don’t need to stick with basic. Think about how different it could look if it had style.

With modern families using the garage door as their main point of entry, it’s typically the first thing you see. If your garage door faces the front of your property, it’s also one of the first things people visiting or passing by your property see. By installing or replacing the plain, traditional garage door, you can add style that is more appealing, complements your architecture, and adds value to your home.

3 Types of Garage Door Styles


The traditional garage door is the most common style that most homes have had for years – the even, white panels of a traditional garage door. The panels can be square or rectangular. It’s simple. Some home associations require the traditional garage door for consistency throughout the community. But simple doesn’t have to be boring. A homeowner might choose a different color to blend in with the home or match the trim. To add features, the panels can be raised or recessed and contain windows. Plus, there are many ways to decorate with window using inserts and tints.

Carriage House

The carriage house garage door is becoming very popular with today’s homes. It has a distinctive style that beacons with its charming rails and stiles that are reminiscent of historical, stable doors. They are dressed up with the added touch of finished hinges and hardware, windows, and color. For practicality, today’s carriage house garage doors open and close automatically with up and down track systems. In addition, while the style may be based on historical designs, homeowners are finding the carriage house garage door can look great with both traditional and modern architectures.


If it is a statement you want to make with your home, the modern garage door style might be just what you are looking for. The style speaks minimalist because there is often very little detail. Choose from a sleek door or a mass of windows. There are many options but the focus for a modern garage door is on the texture of the material or windows, and the lack of raised or recessed panels. With the right architecture, this contemporary style can add a pop of glamour to a home.

When you want to add style to your garage door, making the right decision is important because it creates a first impression. With the right door, you could significantly increase your curb appeal. It’s an investment that provides one of the best returns if you were to sell your home.

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