A well placed mirror adds style to a bathroom. It reflects light to make it look bigger and brighter. When you choose a bathroom mirror, you should have a purpose in its placement. Besides adding function, this can be for balance, for style, to reflect images, to make a room look larger and to make a room look brighter.

3 ways to decorate with bathroom mirrors

Produce depth with a view.

A mirror can add depth to a room when placed in a location that brings outside elements into the area or extends the room by reflection. Place a large bathroom mirror so that it captures a scene from outside the room or a wide section of the room. You want multiple objects visible in your mirror to create a view inside it. For best results, choose a location where the view can be easily seen at different angles. For example, a large framed mirror works well in a bathroom when the layout is more open. That way when a person walks into the bathroom they would see a reflection that captures another angle of the room to create the depth.

Enlarge a small room.

Add multiple framed mirrors in a small bathroom to create a larger impression. Light will bounce off the mirrors to help brighten the space and make it look larger. For example, if you have a his and hers sink in a galley style bathroom, a large mirror could overwhelm the space and not add much to the overall impression. It’s become popular to put separate bathroom mirrors above each sink. Be creative. Take it one step further by adding a different framed mirror in between two similar ones and at a slightly different level for an even larger impression while maintaining an intimate style. Or use three bathroom mirrors with the same size, shape and level for more uniformity and modern style. Be sure they capture a reflection worth looking at by hanging artwork or something of interest on the opposite wall.

Create a boundary.

A window can bring in sunlight to brighten an area. Yet sometimes you don’t want to look out the window. This is especially true in a bathroom. A window that seems awkwardly placed can detract from the level of privacy. By placing a framed mirror in front of the window you can create the illusion of a boundary. It helps to stop the eye and make the bathroom feel more intimate. To emphasize the mirror as a focal point and dress up the space, consider adding a colored or decorative frame to the mirror. Or to help create the impression of a solid wall while still letting light flow in, use a rounded shaped mirror that is almost as large as the window.

Bathroom mirrors are more than a necessity. They can add style, reflect light and increase the impression of size. Whether you want to install a custom mirror or give existing mirrors a makeover by framing it, Doors By Mike can help with our wide selection. Call us for more information at 770.922.5207.