With bathroom remodeling being a top return on investment when selling a home, many people are upgrading to a glass shower door. Don’t take your shower design for granted. A beautiful, new glass shower door can do wonders to the look and feel of your bathroom.

Your options are numerous so choosing a glass shower door is not limited to one type. The two main types are framed and frameless glass shower doors.

Types – Framed or Frameless


The traditional framed glass shower door offers functionality. This is the type you are probably most familiar with. It is better at sealing in water and steam, and is more affordable. The frames are aluminum material and the glass thickness is 3/16”. Frames are available in a variety of finish colors, including chrome, bronze, and nickel. You can also choose from a variety of decorative glass.


For a contemporary feel, frameless glass shower doors offer a full view of the decorative tile work. It lets more light through so you get the sense that your space is brighter and more open. Frameless enclosures are easier to clean as there is less metal. Some large enclosures may require a metal support header. Frameless enclosures are constructed using 3/8” thick glass. The majority of modern design and construction uses frameless shower enclosures.  

Glass Shower Door Styles

Once you choose the type, you then can look at the different styles.


Also known as sliding doors, the by-pass glass door takes up minimal space for compact areas and can include towel bars. They are often the most basic door for installing on a tub to replace a shower curtain and are popular for corner stand-alone showers.


This type of by-pass style has been growing in popularity. The specific layout has one fixed panel and one sliding panel. They look fantastic on tubs!


The swing-open glass shower door opens outward to fit in a certain bathroom layout. It helps to create privacy when showering by giving the impression of a separate space.

No matter which glass shower enclosure you choose, we have many options to fit your needs!

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