It’s unfortunate, but a home invasion can happen. If you are home, it can be terrifying. With the kids getting out of school soon, you might be even more concerned if they are home with an older sibling or babysitter. Having a plan and taking preventative measures is critical so that you minimize the potential for theft, damage and harm to you, your family, and guests.

Unlike the movies, most burglars want to steal your valuables instead of harming you. However, if you are home during a burglary, have a plan that involves keeping your car keys and cellphone close, calling 9-1-1, and staying quiet and hidden. Escape, if possible. Otherwise, you want to find a hidden place with a locked door where you can wait it out.

While the actions taken by everyone in the house in the first few moments are critical, understanding the reasons and taking preventative measures in advance can reduce the potential of a home invasion.

4 reasons for a home invasion and the actions that can help prevent them

Retaliation: change the locks

It might surprise you to know that many break-ins are by people we know. While you are on good terms, a relationship can be wonderful. When the situation changes, life is not so wonderful if a person retaliates. Whether from a breakup, divorce, or argument with a roommate, err on the side of caution by replacing the locks as soon as they move out.

Suspicious contractors: change the locks

Contractors are generally fair and professional. But that doesn’t mean you should completely trust them. Like a broken heart, if you have a problem with a contractor, housekeeper, or maintenance worker who you gave a key to your house, there is no telling what they did with that key. Did you even get it back when the work was done? If it’s possible you gave a key out, change the locks.

Passers-by: don’t send an invitation

Inviting the obvious with an open garage door is a big risk. A passer-by can too easily step into the garage and grab a bicycle, tools, and equipment. Worse, once someone has access to your garage, they have access into your house. Even if the door is locked, once an intruder gets into the garage they are concealed. It’s only a matter of time to get the door open. Make it a habit to close the garage door as soon as you enter and exit.

Burglars: create deterrents

We live in a time when locking our doors and closing the windows are not often enough. Burglars will regularly scope out neighborhoods and randomly pick out homes. They usually will target the ones that look the easiest. Deterrents such as keeping the bushes trimmed, getting an alarm system, and installing surveillance cameras can help reduce the potential that they will choose your home.

At Doors By Mike, we know that the security of your home is a top priority. Having the best technology for your garage door opener and entry locks can help make your home safe and secure. For information about the security features we offer to homeowners, to replace locks, or to install a new garage door opener, contact us at 770-922-5207. You might also like to read our article on, Safety Tips for When the Kids Come Home from School.