Curb appeal is the first image visitors see when they approach your house. A well landscaped yard, a beautiful fence, a maintained driveway, and a nice, clean entrance are all things that can provide a visitor with a positive image of your home. When driving up, a visitor might see the garage door before he sees the front door. The simplest problem with it can ruin that first impression while a beautiful, well maintained garage door could help to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Doors By Mike can help you choose a garage door that compliments your home can improve its overall look. A good place to start is with a matching game. Look at your home’s architectural features and match the door style and colors to certain features on your home. Coordinating style and color elements with architectural features can provide strong first impressions.

Garage Door Features that Help Increase Curb Appeal

Panel Style

There are a number of options when selecting panels. They can be short or long. They can be raised, recessed, flushed to the surface, or carriage house. Match the shape of the panels to shapes you see on the exterior home. For example, elongated panels will match better on ranch style homes or on homes with elongated architectural features. Square panels will match better on homes with shorter features. To add character, carriage house panels have diagonal braces for a historic style that looks great on traditional, country estates. And if you like a modern style, consider adding simple, flushed panels for a minimal look. Window arches are another option that match well on homes with more rounded architectural designs.

Window Style

The placement of windows can change the amount of natural light coming into the garage, change safety aspects of the home, and also enhance the home’s exterior appearance. Look at style features on the house, such as the rows of windows or window shapes. Adding a row of garage windows with panes to match the number of panes on the home’s windows can provide some consistency and structure in your home’s appearance. There are also a number of design window inserts to create a customized look for your garage door.


A simple change of color to match the home’s features can provide a complete, polished appearance. Many models come in a variety of colors to choose from and can be custom matched with your shutters, trim or siding. Or if you prefer, stain a wood door to blend with the colors of your house.


The material your door is made of can help it blend with the environment around your home, but it can also make a difference in wear and tear. The beauty and craftsmanship of real wood is hard to resist for the best curb appeal. The downside to wood is that it will require more upkeep with frequent painting or staining. If you want a wood appearance without the maintenance and with durable steel construction, a natural-looking, wood-grain fiberglass door might be better for your lifestyle. For a garage door that is more economic while being durable and requiring less maintenance, the classic steel door is a standard option. Vinyl doors are even more durable and rust-resistant, ideal if you live in a harsh weather area.

The style and color have a big impact on your home’s curb appeal. Although you want to choose a garage door that makes the best impression, be careful because some home associations might have certain requirements on the type, style, and color of garage door you choose. Even so, you are sure to have some flexibility to differentiate your home and improve its overall appearance.

For more information on how to choose the best garage door for your home, contact Doors by Mike. We can help you find the perfect garage door and make sure it is properly installed so it looks great and improves your home’s value.