Find ways to get better organized in your home with closet shelving ideas for your kitchen, entryway, bathroom, bedroom and office. Shelving units can be attractive with laminate, adjustable shelves, drawers and cubes, and practical with ventilated rods and wire shelving. Doors By Mike offers ideas for installing our custom closet shelving units for better organization.

5 Places to Install Custom Closet Shelving

The kitchen pantry

You are always reaching into the pantry to grab items for cooking meals and snacks. How often do you move the cereal boxes to get canned goods? Itemize your pantry with a Closetmaid ventilated shelving unit. Stay organized by putting dry and lighter goods on the top shelves, canned goods on the middle level shelves and heavier goods on the bottom shelves. Keep in mind that if a liquid were to leak, you want it closer to the bottom so it doesn’t ruin foods packaged in paper or cardboard. Why would it leak? Sometimes things happen unexpectedly. For example, ketchup goes bad quickly after its expiration date and the container can explode. To help prevent this from happening make sure you rotate out older products by placing them in the front to use first.

The front entryway

Your coat closet is a nice place for your family and guests to store coats when they enter your home. But most of the time there are only a few coats to put on the rod and no place to put the smaller items. Who wants to see empty space? With not enough to hang, a lot of the closet space tends to be filled haphazardly with boxes and other stored items. A great option is to get Shelftrack Elite shelving with more versatility for your storage needs. Doors By Mike can design the unit for your specific requirements. Consider how much more useful your entryway closet would be if you had a smaller rod for coats, and shelves and cubes for easily storing hats, scarves, gloves, umbrellas and shoes.

The linen closet

It’s nice to have a linen closet in your bathroom or hallway to keep your bath towels, bed sheets, blankets and other linens. But too often these closets have only a few shelves running the same length and distance apart. If you are trying to fit blankets on one shelf and piling different sized towels up on another shelf, there is a more practical way with Closetmaid ventilated shelving units. Doors By Mike can install a custom unit that gives you more usable space that perfectly fits bath towels on one shelf and hand towels on another shelf. We can space the shelves so there is a wider area for blankets and not so large area for face towels. That way you don’t have to mess up your neatly folded towels and linens to get what you need.

The bedroom closet

Do you have piles of shoes and clothes on the floor of your bedroom closet? You might not realize how much dust this collects. After all, it is difficult to vacuum and clean around. Unfortunately, the bedroom closet is the typical place to put everything. And the basic rod with one long shelf is impractical for modern living. Convert the space with custom Shelftrack Elite shelving and become better organized. With custom closet shelving, you can have different levels of rods to hang dresses, pants, jackets and blouses. Then you have shelves for everything else that can’t conveniently be hanged. Keep your bedroom closet organized with shelves for boxed storage, drawers for jewelry, ties and socks, and cubes for folded shirts and accessories.

The home office

You might not even be thinking about how to use your closet for your home office supplies if you are storing other things there. But shelving units are great to help you stay better organized while working at home. The single rod and shelf is impractical for an office closet. One short rod might be needed only if you want to hang a blazer or two. To best utilize that closet space, Doors By Mike can install Shelftrack Elite shelving units with shelves and cubes to store paper, binders, toner, etc. and drawers for smaller backup essentials such as printer ink, sticky notes, clips and pens. That way you can stay stocked up, find supplies when you need them and work more productively.

Doors By Mike installs Shelftrack Elite and Closetmaid closet shelving for more practical, organized storage solutions in your home. Contact us at 770.922.5207 for more information or to request a quote.