Keeping you and your family safe is a top priority. You keep your doors locked and install peepholes so you can see who is knocking. You have motion sensor lights along the outside of your home. What about your garage? People invest in locks and other protection for their main home entry but often neglect the garage entry. Garage doors are considered weak links into your home.

Invest in your garage security with the following tips from Doors By Mike:

  • Promptly make repairs and perform regular maintenance to your garage door and opener. A broken garage door that doesn’t close all the way or an opener that is unreliable can leave your garage entry accessible to passers-by. Any broken or malfunctioning parts should get immediate attention for security purposes.
  • Close your garage door promptly after you have entered or exited it. An open garage door is an unintentional invitation. It also shows potential burglars what you might be storing of interest in your garage. Having an operator with a self-closing system is a great feature that has automatic sensors to close the door if you forget.
  • Keep the garage entry door into your house locked. One problem with garages is that they provide limited visibility. If a potential burglar gets inside of the garage he could then easily enter the house unnoticed. Deter him as best you can with a secure lock on the door. Other deterrents include increasing visibility. Your garage entry area should be devoid of clutter and obstructions to limit hiding places. And it should have good lighting that turns on automatically when the garage door is opened and when movement is sensed.
  • If you are leaving town for a long weekend or extended vacation, load your vehicle inside a closed garage. And if you have windows, wait until the morning to load your vehicle so you don’t create suspicion with the lights being on.
  • Use remote control features on openers to increase your security. Installing an opener that can switch on lamps or other fixtures inside or outside of your home adds function and practicality. The lights can switch on when the opener operates, or you can use the remote to flip them on independently of the opener. Smartphone connections can also alert you if the door is open too long or if it opens at certain periods of the day. You can then close the door remotely from your phone even if you are away from home.
  • Install surveillance cameras for monitoring the area in and around your garage. Today’s apps can show you the real-time footage directly from your device. You can look to see if there is something connected with a noise you heard without having to get up from bed, or verify your car is parked in the garage at the time you told your teenager to be home.
  • Invest in a remote access key entry into your garage. This will save you time and keep you safe if you forget your keys. And if you have kids that get home before you and don’t have their keys, they will still be able to get into the house via remote access.

At Doors By Mike, we keep current on the best security features and technology available for garage doors, openers, and locks. For installation or more information on how we can help improve your garage security, contact us at 770.922.5207.