If you are planning to have guests over this summer or putting your house on the market, you probably want to find ways to impress them with a Wow! factor. You will clean your home so it is spotless, and due some renovations. Doors By Mike has some ideas that will not only wow them, they will create a good return on your investment (ROI).

5 Ways to Wow! Guests

Add style with a new garage door.

Replacing your garage door can change the look of your home. As the first thing many people see, it’s an appealing change that has a great ROI. By replacing a plain, traditional door with the popular carriage house garage door, you can add beautiful railings and stiles, and decorative hardware that brings style to your home. Windows and window inserts can be added to complement your home’s architecture. Your home can go from nice to Wow! in no time.

Upgrade your door locks and hardware.

Just like the first impression that wows people when they drive up to see your new garage door, your front entrance can also impress with new locks and hardware. Besides providing a sense of security with the new technology, you’ll get the classy finishes and modern design styles.

Install a glass shower in the bathroom.

Glass showers have become extremely popular and for good reason. A glass shower can help your bathroom appear larger and more open. It doesn’t impede your light so it can spread through the room to make it brighter. It can add beauty with the clean lines of a finished frame or with the smooth expansion of a frameless glass shower door.

Frame a bathroom mirror.

There is something about the bathroom mirror that can quickly make a statement. If people walk into the bathroom and see a mammoth, unadorned mirror over the counter, that statement speaks outdated. Something as simple as decorating it with an Easy Frame can help transform the room. And with so many styles of frames to choose from, you’re certain to find the perfect frame for your mirror.

Improve storage with closet systems.

It seems everybody always wants more storage. While you might not be able to build more closets, you can improve your space with closet systems that help you stay organized. And when you are organized, others notice in a great way!

Replacing your garage door, improving your storage, and upgrading your shower are instant ways to increase the appearance of your home, creating a Wow! factor with a great ROI. Proper installation is critical to create the right impression. Doors By Mike has trained professionals with the knowledge and experience to do the job right. Contact us for more information at 770-922-5207 or request a quote.